Our novel drug development pipeline was built through collaborations with top University researchers, industry leaders in novel delivery and manufacturing processes, and respected hospitals who care about their patients.

Our intellectual property portfolio of complex therapeutic mixtures currently includes: 6 issued US patents and 3 issued international patents as well as 17 US and 51 international patent-pending applications.

Discovery Partners

University of Athens, Greece

Plant-based Metabolomics research discovering new phytochemical components and novel uses for phytochemicals.

Chaminade University​

Cell & Computer-based Models used in Drug Discovery Process; Ideation and creative contributions to IP portfolio.

Michigan State University

Cell-based Models used in Drug Discovery Process; Expertise in the role of cannabinoids in inflammation.

University of Seville, Spain

Oral Nanoparticle Technology used to enhance drug delivery of our Optimized Therapeutic Mixtures.

Preclinical Partners

National Research Council, Canada

Animal Models used for establishing a Proof-of Concept for our Optimized Therapeutic Mixtures for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and neuropathic pain, in separate projects.

Michigan State

Preclinical Models used for establishing a Proof-of-Concept for our Optimized Therapeutic Mixtures for the treatment of Cytokine Release Syndrome in COVID-19 patients.

University of Cadiz,

Animal Models used for establishing a Proof-of-Concept for our Optimized Therapeutic Mixtures in oral nanoparticles for the treatment of neuropathic pain.

University of Hawaii

Animal Models used for establishing a Proof-of-Concept for our Optimized Therapeutic Mixtures for the treatment of Heart Failure.

The University of
Lethbridge, Canada

Animal Models and “Home Cage Small World” assessments using cameras and Artificial Intelligence-to assess efficacy of our Optimized Therapeutic Mixtures for Parkinson’s disease.

Clinical Trial Partners

FHI Clinical is a full-service contract research organization (CRO) with the global expertise, responsive approaches and proven solutions to manage complex clinical research around the world.


FHI has been selected as our CRO to help with our go-to-market strategy and draft clinical trial protocol for our COVID-19 related, anti-inflammatory therapeutics.




Development Partners

Purisys, LLC

Purisys is a global leader in custom synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients and advanced intermediates. They support pharma & biotech companies with APIs, reference standards, controlled substances, cannabinoids, and cGMP clinical & niche commercial CDMO services. Formed as a spin-off from Noramco in 2019, Purisys began manufacturing in 1979 as part of Johnson & Johnson.

Catalent, Inc.

Catalent is the leading global provider of advanced delivery technologies and development solutions for drugs, biologics, and consumer health products. With 85 years serving the industry, Catalent has proven expertise in bringing more customer products to market faster, enhancing product performance, and ensuring reliable clinical and commercial product supply. Catalent employs over 11,000 people, including over 1,800 scientists, at more than 30 facilities across five continents.

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