Financial Strategy

At GB Sciences, we have two equally important constituencies--the patients who need what we do, and the investors that support what we do. Without the latter, we could not help the former.

Our growth strategy is two pronged--while we continue to explore the leading edge of biomedical research for the development of cannabis-based therapies, we also take advantage of the recreational market for cannabis in Nevada.

The sale of our product from our Las Vegas cultivation facility supports the research that we do. We encourage investors to read our press releases and public filings. Questions can be emailed to our Director of Public Information, Liz Bianco, at – and welcome aboard!

Patentable Formulations

The research and development team at GB Sciences is actively pursuing new formulations derived from specific strains of cannabis, creating patented formulations that will help patients.

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Cannabis Products

GB Sciences provides clean, reliable raw materials for a host of cannabis products and research initiatives. It is our goal to be the "Intel Inside" for cannabis products worldwide.

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Kush Cups
GB Sciences provides the raw product for Keurig-compatible Kush Cups in Nevada.
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